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The story takes place inside a high-fashion showroom. There are mannequins everywhere, divided in five areas: love, temptation, dreams, strength and courage and fear. The character of the Angel, appearing after a couple of tracks and monologues to reveal to the audience the different messages that the actors in turn are trying to infuse in Desiree, works as a thread linking the whole story.
Desiree is the assistant of the Boss, Charlie. Their job consists in creating the perfect mannequins for the international Designers.
She's a very beautiful girl, captivating in her job. Life though, has disappointed her so many times that she withdrew into herself giving up external relationships and confining herself into an imaginary world with her mannequins which she treats like real friends.
One night, after closing the show-room, Desiree hears noises coming from inside and decides to get back. Two burglars trying to run away set on her and she faints after hitting her head. From this moment on, all that happens in the showroom will be a dream until she wakes back up to reality.
  Some of the mannequins come to life in turn to fulfil their assignment: they have awakened on purpose to help her and to pass on feelings of encouragement.
They hint at her to be perfectly aware that in the real world life is proceeding against the real values and that it is urgently needed to do something to “re-awake” human beings from their unconcern.
All this happens due to an unconscious desire of Desiree! Her fainting in fact has conveyed her in the middle of her subconsious! And it's right there that everything takes place.
Slowly, Desiree doubtful and scared finally understands what everybody is trying to get her across to, but right at the time of her full awareness, all the mannequins turn motionless again, still in their former posture. While she looks around, doubtful and surprised for what has just happened, all of a sudden she wakes up on the chaise longue in the showroom dizzy and confused, still unable to realise if she really lived this experience or if it was just a dream.

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